Ocean Star International (OSI) offers packing and custom crating services and packing tips as part of our Full-Service Move options. This service is available to both household and commercial customers who do not want to do this work themselves. OSI will come to your residence or business and professionally pack your household belongings or commercial freight for shipment. We use the highest quality, most appropriate packing supplies and materials needed for your shipping project. We then seal, label, and load your container for you.

We will custom crate fragile, un-packable items of odd and unusual shape to ensure their safety and security during transport overseas, then safely load them into a container.

We also provide palletizing and shrink wrapping for consolidation of your shipments when needed or for customers who require LCL (Less than Container Load) shipping and cannot fill an entire container. Palletizing is used to identify individual consolidated shipments in a container that is occupied by multiple shippers and is often a cheaper method of shipping because the pallet is identified as one piece for calculation of charges.

Please contact an OSI representative for more information on our Packing and Custom Crating Services and Packing tips.