OSI Featured In USA Today

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Ocean Star International featured in USA Today as a preferred relocation company.

Article Title – How to Protect Yourself from a Mover’s Scams:

If the price seems to good to be true it probably is:
We’ve all heard the old saying “you get what you pay for” and that serves true, especially in the moving industry. Scam companies will try and lure you in with attractive rates. Make sure you get 3 quotes and compare pricing and services. If a company is a lot less expensive then most, chances are they’re getting ready to scam you.

Make sure you’re dealing with a licensed company:
OSI holds multiple licenses including an FMC (Federal Maritime Commission) license, DOT (Departments of Transportation) license and many more. If a company doesn’t have an FMC license that means they’re illegally operating and posing as an international moving company.

Check the companies phone numbers and address:
Most scam companies do not have an actual office and operate out of there homes, virtual offices or use a PO Box address as there location. This is very common and suggested that you don’t over look this. You can Google an address or phone number and find out the exact location of a company and if you can’t don’t use them.

Who’s involved in your move:
There are many parts to an international relocation and it’s important that you understand the process. Although you only deal with 1 company there are up to 3, sometimes 4 different companies involved in an international relocation. You have the origin, ocean or air and destination carrier involved on a full door to door relocation. Each play a very important role in insuring that your move goes according to plan. Just like the United States there are scam companies worldwide. Here at OSI we put together a state of the art system to insure our partners to not fall under a certain level of quality and if they do they get cut. We don’t have time to deal with bad service or unscrupulous vendors. Our choice in partners is based on years of trial and error. We work with over 3000 agents globally and have done a great job of weeding out the bad tomatoes. Scam companies or even most companies these days only care about their own bottom line and do not research the quality of their partners.