OSI offers military equipment relocation and military shipping services. We are a Government Services Agency, GSA approved, international shipping company.

Ocean Star International specializes in US Military Equipment Relocation, Military Vehicle Relocation, US Government Shipping and International Relocation in the US, UK, China, Australia, Germany, Japan, France, the Middle East and just about anywhere we may have a military base or troops deployed.. Whether you are moving an entire military base or just need to move specific pieces of military equipment or vehicles, including: jeeps, trucks, tanks, helicopters and airplanes, Ocean Star International (OSI) is your logistics expert of choice for the project. We have the expertise, staff and specialized equipment necessary to carefully and safely move any type and size vehicle and equipment for all military branches anywhere in the world.

Utilizing intermodal and multimodal transport is our specialty. An OSI representative will work with you to carefully plan the best mode of transport for your military equipment relocation needs. You can rely on OSI to get your equipment where it needs to be in the safest, most secure method possible, on time, every time.

As you may already know, to become approved by the GSA (Government Services Agency), it a long and very rigorous process. In order to get our approval, we had to pass much scrutiny and background checks. In order to be involved with military shipping or government shipping, the GSA has much more stringent requirements than our regular freight forwarder license that is issued by the FMC (Federal Maritime Commission). The government investigates the international shipping companies track record, customer service records and financials to make sure the company is stable and reputable. In other words, we are accredited by the GSA, FMC and have an outstanding record with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) as well.

Please contact an OSI representative to begin the process for your military equipment relocation project.