Ocean Star International specializes in international shipping, Overseas Shipping, Relocation, Marine Insurance, in the US, UK, China, Australia. International relocation is a move that passes through many hands and various obstacles from the time your belongings are picked up at your home, shipped overseas, and delivered to your new residence. Insurance is available to cover you from door to door to protect your belongings in the event of damage, loss or catastrophe at sea.

OSI offers marine insurance for all shipment types. We offer All Risk Marine Insurance as well as Total Loss Marine Insurance.

All Risk Marine Insurance is available to customers that have their goods professionally packed. This fully covers any loss or damage to your entire shipment.

Total Loss Marine Insurance is available to customers who choose to self-pack their goods. Insurance companies will not issue All Risk insurance for household goods that are packed by the owner. The entire shipment must be a loss in order to make an insurance claim.

In either case, you must prepare a “Declared Value” inventory. This is a list of all the items you wish to insure stating the replacement value of each item. This inventory has nothing to do with your inventory for customs declaration or for the items you are shipping. It is only for insurance purposes. Remember to state a replacement value for your items that is valid in the destination country. In many countries you will find the cost of your goods, due to import cost, can be much higher than their original cost in the U.S. It is very important that your documentation is accurate in order to avoid complications or delay in settlement.

Please contact an OSI representative for more details on marine insurance.