Container shipping rates are determined by the size of the container and how much space being used in the container.

There are two types of common container shipping.

One is LTL or LCL (Less container load) and it basically means the container is only partially filled and you will be sharing the space with other customers. This is the cheapest container shipping rates option.
The second is FCL (Full container load) and you will generally only need this option if you are moving more than 1 or 2 bedrooms and/or vehicles.

If you plan on going with a full container load, you can read some general info about the two different sizes of containers below.

Cargo Container Sizes

Common container sizes include 20’ and 40’. This is useful for when you have a very large quantity of goods to ship. The dimensions for each are listed below for you to adequately determine what size will best suit your shipping needs.

Container Shipping Rates by Dimensions:

20’: Length: 19′ 2″ x Width: 7′ 6″x Height: 7′ 8″ (1,164 cu. ft.)
40’: Length: 39′ 1″ x Width: 7′ 6″ x Height: 7′ 8″ (2,376 cu. ft.)

If your shipment cannot fill an entire container then you may ship your goods LCL (Less than Container Load). For this type of shipment your cost will depend on the volume that you will be shipping.

Cargo must fit into a 20’ or 40′ sea freight container and must be boxed, crated or palletized. Palletized refers to cargo that is stacked together on a pallet and shrink-wrapped. Palletized ocean freight services has a higher probability of reaching the destination without damages.

When shipping your personal effects it is your responsibility to safely and securely pack your goods unless you request full-service shipping from OSI. All LCL shipments must be boxed, crated and/or palletized and labeled in order to be accepted by the carrier.

Please contact an OSI representative who can handle all arrangements for your full-service shipping, give advice on container sizes or provide you with the necessary assistance for your LCL packing for transport.